Flip Matrix

Proof of Concept

Digital Interface Programer

In collaboration with Kale Buchanan and Andrew Lee

Final Year Studio Project, 2019
Winner of the Rush Digital Award at the Creative Technologies 2019 Showcase

Flip Matrix builds off STEAM education to excite young people to pursue tertiary study within STEAM. Taking an ‘over-engineered’ approach, Flip Matrix puts STEAM on a pedestal by showcasing its capabilities.

Users interact with a mechanical flip display through hands-on coding inspired by existing applications such as Scratch, Cubetto and Project Bloks. 

Flip Matrix is designed to be modular for scalability and portability so it can be used as a pop-up installation at events such as career fairs and university open days


Photographs by Stefan Marks

This prototype is a proof of concept for a much larger installation piece.
Projected graphics created using Unity 3D is used to simulate a much larger grid of physical flip panels.