Our Modern Earth (is a f*cking mess)

Set Design

In collaboration with Amber Liberté and Shift Aotearoa

Basement Theatre 2020

Our Modern Earth (directed Amber Liberté) is a live performance and multimedia art installation exploring climate change. The set is installed during the performance and uses only second-hand and ‘waste’ materials. By the end of the show, the theatre space will be transformed into a f*cking mess.

The set was inspired by underwater ecosystems and the anthropocene. I love the texture of coral and the idea of natural structures being made out of man-made materials. Also this idea of ‘drowning’ in our own excessive consumption and waste.

A key design challenge for the set was finding ways to minimise our waste. This involved considering the entire life cycle of each set-piece from beginning to end-of-life. We resourced second hand materials from opshops, and existing waste materials from our homes and external institutions. For design and construction, we had to consider the end-life of each set-piece so that at the end of the season everything could either be reused and/or easily disassembled and sorted into the appropriate bins. This meant considering modular design principles, using temporary fasteners, and reducing the amount of material manipulation.

Photographs by Milla Lee Project

Set Design Concept
Set design behind the scenes
Our Modern Earth Set Design Dress Rehearsal
Our Modern Earth Set Design Dress Rehearsal
Our Modern Earth Set Design Dress Rehearsal