Pork and Poll Taxes

Premiere Development Season | 10 - 14 August 2021

Playwright, Director

Presented by: Proudly Asian Theatre and Hand Pulled Collective Co-Production

Producer: Marianne Infante
Assistant Producer: Natalya Mandich-Dohnt
Directing Mentor: Chye-Ling Huang
Script Advisor: Renee Liang
Movement Director: Yin-Chi Lee
Language Coach and Cantonese Translator: Audrey Chan
Marketing Manager: Alyssa Medel-Khew
Stage Manager: Lisa Joe
Set Design: Micheal McCabe
Sound Design: Nikita Tu-Bryant
Costuming: Wilson Ong Jun Liang
Lighting: Paul Bennett
Props Design: Cinta Damerell
Photography: John Rata
Graphic Design: Alyssa Pua

“新⾦山 San Gam Saan, New Gold Mountain – it makes you believe gold simply sprouts up from the ground ready to be harvested.”

1891, New Gold Mountain.
Jiu Choy pays the £10 poll tax to bring his only son, Kam Loi, to Aotearoa, New Gold Mountain. This is the moment Kam Loi has been waiting for, and he is determined to bring back home a fortune for his family. But, Jiu Choy has other plans…

1891, China.
Jiu Choy’s mother, Ah Ma, clings to the promise of her son’s return. His daughter, Yuk Chun, waits in dread for the return of her betrothed. And his wife, Shui Ching, fights to hold her family together as she keeps his plan a secret, scared of what might happen if the truth came out…

Unlike the name suggests, gold does not sprout up from the ground ready to be harvested. With increasing turmoil and civil unrest back home, and mounting racial tensions in New Gold Mountain, can the family achieve the better life they are fighting for?

Pork and Poll Taxes 人頭猪税 is a timeless and captivating theatrical experience.
Presented by Proudly Asian Theatre and Hand Pulled Collective.

Full programme can be viewed here.

"I am forever grateful to my ancestors for the sacrifices they made, and their stories couldn’t be told better than through Pork and Poll Taxes."
"A moving tribute to those affected by the Poll Tax, and by divisive, racist immigration policies, Pork and Poll Taxes is a resounding success."