Interaction and Play Developer

Designed for Bright Side (formally WISER) at Auckland University of Technology.

In collaboration with Vaanipriya Diwan and Carol Taka.

Re-Play is a playful activity that facilitates group discussion and reflection for Bright Side’s Decision-Making Workshop.

Re-play Version 1 introduces social play to the workshop by using card and chance mechanics to generate topics and questions. This encourages and guides participants to share and discuss their decision making process with each other.

Re-Play Version 2

Version 2 builds open Version 1 by facilitating group discussion in three phases: 

The first two phases, Discover and Evaluate, guide players to reflect on a past decision by considering it from 7 different influencing factors. In the final phase, Decide, players then consider how they might approach different current and future decisions in relation to those factors.

Re-Play V2 facilitates social play through token ranking, tile-placement mechanics and a modular board system.

Re-Play Version 2 working prototype

Re-Play Version 2 prototype game pieces