Continuum is a game where you explore your heritage through conversation and tactile play.

Best Design Awards Gold logo
Gold Pin Winner Student Public Good





Creative Humans, Ōrakei Local Board, 2022

World of Cultures: Pā Nui, 2022

Yölk Fest, 2021

AUT Brightside, 2020

In ‘Continuum’, players begin at the centre of the board and start each round by revealing two opposing statements about heritage. These statements form questions which guide players through a conversation about their personal connection with their heritage.  At the end of the game, the players’ answers will be mapped out on the board.

Available to hire for exhibitions and events.

Continuum is beautifully hand-crafted by the creator from plywood using laser-cutting and woodworking techniques.

The board design is inspired by family tree diagrams, and antique Chinese tables to draw upon the social significance of the table as a place of gathering and community.

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