Tangita i Tāngita

An interactive installation where participants create and contribute individual pepeha tiles to an evolving wider national pepeha.

Finalist Student Public Good

Game Designer




Olivia Hobman

Moonlight Exhibition at Silo 6,
Auckland Art Week, 2019

Tangata i Tāngata is a collaborative installation that aims to highlight New Zealand’s evolving multicultural national identity through connecting self to the collective. By creating and contributing their own personal ‘pepeha tile’, participants are encouraged to self-reflect on their own identity within a New Zealand-specific framework, and reflect on how they connect to the wider collective.

Photographs by Stefan Marks

Pepeha is a way of introducing yourself in Māori that acknowledges the people and places you are connected to. The Au to Whakawhānaungatanga framework locates au (self) at the centre of one’s expanding relationship networks.

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